Sailing Programs

Our sailing program is an educational and therapeutic activity designed to inspire our communities.


We take our participants out of their normal environment and into one which inspires and challenges. This is experiential learning in its rawest form; the benefits go far beyond those of learning a new skill (Sailing), our participants not only learn about themselves they allow themselves to connect with their peers in a way which is unlikely in their everyday environment.


Our sailing program currently consists of two phases


Start Sailing Experience: 4-day


This program is typically run one day a week for 4 weeks, participants will gain a basic understanding of how to sail a boat and will be developing a knowledge of terminology, tides, weather and basic safety at sea.


While the development of sailing skills is integral to what we do, the benefits to the person go far beyond the learning of sailing skills.


Our participants develop key personal skills such as self esteem, respect for self & others while taking part in a group physical activity which positively effects our physical and mental well-being.



Voyage of Recovery


The experiences of freedom and self-sufficiency which are gained during our voyages are an integral part of Sailing Into Wellness. On-board everyone is treated equally (skippers, group leaders, participants) and we all join in on all aspects of life at sea.


Over the duration of the voyage our participants will further develop their sailing skills, be introduced to navigation and become more involved in controlling the yacht and decision making.


Our voyages are a real escapism of life back on land and give our participants a tangible sense of positive physical and mental well-being. Mutual respect, building confidence and sharing positive social experiences are key outcomes from our voyages.

Sail With Us


To participate in one of our sailing programs, please contact one of our local partner organizations below. If your local centre is not a current participant, please ask them to contact us!