What are we about?

We are a nationwide charity that offers programs that aim to empower individuals and build a positive sense of community on and off the water. Underpinned by social inclusion and fun, learnings on the water are transferrable to everyday life, increasing coping mechanisms and encouraging pro-social behaviour. Using the platform of sailing, our programs work on the following areas

Personal Development

  • Building confidence 
  • Taking responsibility  
  • Leadership 
  • Resilience 
  • Decision making 
  • Self-efficacy  
  • Positive coping mechanisms  
  • New perspectives 

Community Development

  • Working as a team 
  • Positive Communication 
  • Being part of a community 
  • Prosocial activity 
  • Inclusion  
  • Building trust


  • Learn a range of new skills 
  • Practical, hands on, experiential learning 
  • Sailing hard skills 
  • Theory: Weather & Navigation 
  • Study and employment skills and prospects 

All areas experienced on board are transferrable to everyday life. Experience and skills learnt are applicable to better coping with the challenges of everyday life and moving forward in a prosocial manner to achieve your goals.

All of our programs are person centred and are designed to empower each individual on board.

A major part of our work is having fun. We aim to have participants and staff enjoy their time on the water. Time on board is a break from everyday life and allows space for participants to develop a new perspective on their skills and capabilities.

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